Original Music

I've been a singer-songwriter since the early seventies, starting out on blues harp and an old 12-string guitar. I played an RMI 300B and a Fender Rhodes back then, booked time on any grand piano I could get my hands on, discovered synthesizers and MIDI, then got lost in computers for a few years.

There's a lot of great music out there these days, and I hope my humble contributions can be part of this. Thank you for listening!


Here are some MP3 samples of my remix collaborations with other artists. All source recordings, words & music belong to the original artists unless otherwise noted.

Seeing Through a Glass Darkly Play

My friend Keith wrote this thoughtful song many years ago, and around that time we captured his simple guitar and vocal performance I think onto an old reel-to-reel tape recorder. I recently added the arrangement and harmony vocals as a fun project and a gift for him. © 1991 Words & Music by Keith Miracle. (p)2013 Random Sparks Served Neat Mix.

Who's To Say Play

I heard a simple piano + vocal mix of this excellent pop song on a friend's website and decided to give it a try. Thanks GiGi and Larry for sharing your art and suggestions! © 2009 Words and Music by GiGi & Larry Tasse. (p)2009 Random Sparks Served Neat Mix.

The Song That Never Was Play

Imogen Heap recently treated her fans to a special opportunity, donating unpublished vocal tracks to a charity remixing project coined "The Song That Never Was". At least 537 musicians worldwide participated. © 2009 Words & Music by Imogen Heap. (p)2009 Random Sparks Served Neat Mix.