The Resistors

The Resistors

About The Resistors

We were a short-lived alternative rock band in Tucson, Arizona from 1983 to 1985. As Lee Joseph declared in the title to one of his local music compilation cassettes, musical Tucson at that time was "a town without pity". Bands sprang to life; then fragmented, exploded or moved on to places like LA and Phoenix. Some great Tucson rock bands of the era included: Giant Sandworms, The Onlys, The Confused, Joe Perry & The Cattle, Chris Burroughs & The Nationals, Street Pajama, Johnny Sevin, Rainer & Das Combo, Green On Red, Eighty Go Ninety, The Pills, Yard Trauma, and Phantom Limbs.

In 1983, I left The Resistors around the time that a new member, Murph, joined as a saxophonist. This changed the band from new wave to more of a ska sound. One highlight during this transition was a show where we all performed together at the Stumble Inn. We played to a packed house, opening for a relatively new LA band called Los Lobos. This remains one of the most satisfying, high energy nights of music I've ever been part of!

Everyone in The Resistors wrote songs, which resulted in a wild variety of musical styles on stage. As Will once replied to a question about our band's musical style, "We're Afro Cuban New Wave Fusion with a tinge of Surf Pop on Acid." That about sums it up.

Original Lineup

  • Larry: Bass & Vocal
  • Kayci: Lead Vocal
  • Sparks: Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar & Vocal
  • Bam: Sound & Lighting
  • Squid: Guitar & Vocal
  • Will: Drums & Percussion

On the night of our inaugural performance as opening band for Street Pajama, we convened in our "office" for a photo session. I think the photographer was a timer that Bam set to 10-second mode. (You know the drill... "Hurry up Bam! Get in here, quick!") The camera flash created the effect of me knighting our guitar player, with a "spark" of course. I was actually holding down the telephone handset receiver. Ah, serendipity! Our gig went well, and marked the beginning of a short, wild ride.